Rosemary oil is often used to revitalize your body to fight with fatigue and stress. In Western nations, people also exploit rosemary as a symbol of love and remembrance. Ancient Greek sages usually applied rosemary essential oil as a fragrance and put on rosemary leaf as a headdress. Freshly scent of rosemary leaf also benefit brain relaxation, and memory improvement.

NATURITA RELAXING ROSEMARY SERIES is flavoured with five essential oils;

1. Macadamia Nut Oil: Cold Pressed Australian Macadamia Nut Oil protects your skin from dehydration.

2. Argan Oil from Argan Tree, originating in Morocco, certified by ECOCERT in Switzerland: The Argan tree is conceived as ‘Tree of Life’; it is a source full of Vitamin E, Phenols and unsaturated fatty acid. The Argan oil help reducing skin wrinkle.

3. Grape Seed Oil, extracted from hundreds of grape seed, the oil help balancing your skin moist.

4. Rice Bran Oil, enriched with Vitamin E and Gamma Oryzanol, provides antioxidants and functions as a fortified film to protects your skin from dehydration.

5. Organic Olive Oil, a source of Vitamin A and E, helps maintaining the balance of water under your skin. Organic Olive Oil softens your skin with its rich moisturizer.

Start your day with NATURITA RELAXING ROSEMARY SERIES will help you naturally soothed your mind and soul.


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Soothing your mind and revitalizing your body with NATURITA RELAXING ROSEMARY MASSAGE OIL, this uniq..
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